Working with artistic people in Canberra is always a joy and a lot of fun. In spring I did a shoot with some very creative people as a collaboration to get some vision and images out as a promotional action. The videos below came about through the cooperative effort and abilities of many people working together to get a style and look that would make for some great shots.

Videographer – Monkeybrush Films
Hair + Makeup – Megan Matijasevic
Assistant – Michael Slater
Another collaboration style and shoot was done with many of the same people near the end of spring which is still to be edited and published. This will be the subject of a future post when we get time to finish it off.  Two settings for frame rate has been used on the video camera to get both 4K and slow motion footage to create the look used in both videos. The SONY A7 iii was used with a 24-70 lens.