Wedding emotions are such an important part of documenting weddings that it is only through videography that one can be certain to capture the nuances of emotion that can change rapidly during a single. Photography can miss these changes; perhaps just freezing in picture form a part of that story.

Whether capturing the bride and groom during their ceremony vows or recording footage of family and guests during their speeches nothing shows sight and sound better than cinematic video and documentary wedding videography.

At Monkeybrush Films we have spent the past 8 years as wedding videographers shooting and editing weddings in and around Canberra and NSW,  gaining experience and perfecting our craft as producers of  engaging wedding films and wedding documentary videos. Over this period of time we have found that our clients love to review their wedding films and relive the joys of their very special day. And we find their families do too.  This is why video and audio are so important to a wedding now and for posterity.