When Shekiralea Healy dances in the classical style of ballet her elegance is simply mesmerising. Shekiralea is a dance instructor at the Bom Funk Dance Studio in Queanbeayan NSW.  Kym Degenhart, the director of the studio, collaborated with Monkeybrush FilmsLucy Laurita –  fashion designer and Danielle Cleary Events to produce the above video. We also collaborated with favoured fashion photographer Steven Lloyd shooting amazingly  posed action stills for a fashion magazine to be published in the near future.

Part of the concept was to take footage of Shekiralea in a training session to contrast that with the white dress footage. This still has to be edited and I am not sure how it will come out as yet not in the editor. I also took some 100 frames per second footage to try some slow motion effects with footage shot during the training session. Shekiralea had several costumes in her wardrobe and so Steven had her model those as well which produced even more photography and footage.

I recently upgraded the video editor to DaVinci Resolve Studio from the free version. The studio version of DaVinci Resolve has so many plugins shipped that the  editing of the dance footage will be very interesting and fun.