Commercial videos are meticulously crafted by Monkeybrush Films exclusively catering to Canberra and its surrounding regions, spanning a diverse array of businesses and organizations. Our repertoire encompasses an eclectic mix of offerings, including succinct advertising snippets, captivating lifestyle narratives, compelling client testimonials, as well as comprehensive company or organizational profiles tailored for online dissemination,  short advertising videos, lifestyle content and films, client testimonials, company or organization overview videos for online or website use. In addition we produce commercial videos  at corporate events in both cinematic and documentary styles.

We have shot videos with some of Canberra’s leading  models from agencies such as Devojka Models and collaborating with esteemed figures within Canberra’s creative landscape, we have seamlessly integrated with leading photographers  particularly during endeavors such as wedding fairs and editorial fashion shoots destined for both publication and social media amplification. Embracing a spirit of collaboration, we frequently engage with local artists and organizations, oftentimes lending our expertise without financial remuneration, purely driven by our passion for crafting visually stunning cinematic experiences.

Our diverse clientele spans the spectrum, encompassing embassies, businesses, real estate agencies, and non-profit entities. Our journey commenced in 2012, primarily focusing on producing captivating real estate showcases for burgeoning Canberra developments, with esteemed clients.   We have done promotional videos for builders such as Rosin Bros. We still undertake real estate tour videos of large properties where a cinematic tour will add enormously to the promotion of the sale of the property. If you are looking for a property inspection before buying or selling we would recommend Canberra Building Inspections ACT for All Home and House Inspections.

If you have a project brewing in your mind, we’re eager to hear about it. Don’t hesitate to reach out and share your vision with us directly. Whether it’s a film, a creative endeavor, or something entirely unique, we’re here to collaborate and bring it to fruition. Let’s connect, explore ideas, and craft something extraordinary together. Your vision could be the spark that ignites our next great collaboration.  You can contact us directly here.

For more about our work and style, visit  the Monkeybrush Films Youtube Channel and the Monkeybrush Creative  Youtube Channel.