With the advent of new low weight ultra high definition 4K drone cameras it now becomes possible for Monkeybrush Films to offer aerial footage to be used in your wedding  film for a similar cost to your after ceremony photo shoot coverage.  The current norm for cameras being used for wedding film is Full HD which gives very good definition and image quality on large monitors and Smar TV. 4K footage is about 4 times larger in definition and quality to what has been the norm. This option is available as an extra for the 2016-2017 wedding season.  I used to think drone footage could be overdone very quickly and it can but in expert hands both in shooting and editing it can produce spectacular sequences  to make the viewer forget it was shot on a drone and really adds a WOW factor to an already engaging film that we produce.

The Federal Government aviation regulation and licensing body CASA has recently reduced the level of restriction for the commercial use of drones under 2 kg in weight. There are still strict safety regulations for the use of these camera drones which we of course comply with. The new regulations will come into effect in September 2016.

Aerial footage adds a whole new dimension to the wedding film experience and as many weddings in Canberra occur in the beautiful surrounding countryside of ACT and New South Wales we are lucky to have magnificent landscapes and venues to capture in 4K resolution which is the new bench mark in very high quality motion picture.