Instagram Wedding Highlights Video

Crafting Cameron and Sunita's Instagram wedding highlights video was a delightful balancing act. With a treasure trove of enchanting moments from their special day, the task was to distill their love story into a concise 52-second clip, perfectly tailored for Instagram's platform. Every frame became a brushstroke in painting their narrative, meticulously selected [...]

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Bridal Preparations

Shooting Priyam's bridal preparations at her family home in Canberra surrounded by Indian fashion was one of the most colourful bride preparations we have done. This was our first Hindu wedding and we are looking forward to many more to come. Cinematic wedding videography techniques are used in bridal and groom preparations to get the [...]

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Our 2016 Wedding Video Packages

A cinematic wedding video  captures the emotions, words, memories and  events of your wedding day and tells  your unique story like nothing else can.  It is like a short dynamic film of your wedding with engaging audio and visual imagery. Your cinematic  video will be  professionally crafted  from extensive footage, short clips shot and audio recorded at the [...]

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Aerial Wedding Video Shots in Canberra

With the advent of new low weight ultra high definition 4K drone cameras it now becomes possible for Monkeybrush Films to offer aerial footage to be used in your wedding  film for a similar cost to your after ceremony photo shoot coverage.  The current norm for cameras being used for wedding film is Full HD [...]

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