For those just starting out shooting weddings; bridal preparations are one of the most important elements to shoot when producing a wedding film. In doing these shots you have ample opportunity to get some great shots of the bride and bridesmaids when their makeup and hair is almost complete. Prior to this arrange your time so you are able to get shots of the dress, shoes and jewelery that the bride will wear and don’t forget the flowers. These shots can be used as transition shots or to break up shots of the bride and make things more interesting. Additionally if the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be have exchanged gifts or letters you have the opportunity of getting story making shots for the wedding film or wedding highlights video. A good rule of thumb when shooting bridal preparation  footage is to do all the hair and makeup shots  when the hair and makeup are almost complete or do the shots of touchups of hair and makeup after the fact.  Shots of the bride adjusting the fitting of her dress assisted by her mother or bridesmaids are really the apex of the preparations shoot. Make sure these shots are done with excellent natural light  (close to a window or similar light source) and make sure you have room to move around the bride for different angles. Get mid shots and closeups here for best results in editing. Don’t worry about taking to many shots. The more shots you have taken the more choice you have when it comes to the edit to use your best clips.