White Tara Fashion Film

"White Tara" Unveiled - A Captivating Short Fashion Film  by Monkeybrush Films  now in production Monkeybrush Films has reached the realm of cinematic elegance with the enchanting short fashion film, "White Tara," a visual symphony being created our talented team. This production will not only celebrates the art of storytelling through fashion but also [...]

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A Ballerina’s World

Captivating Grace: A Glimpse into a Ballerina's World Dive into the enchanting world of ballet with our latest short film, "Captivating Grace." In just two minutes, we take you on an intimate journey through the training routine of talented ballerina Shekiralea Healy, showcasing her dedication, discipline, and the sheer beauty of her craft. [...]

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White Dress Fashion Film

When Shekiralea Healy dances in the classical style of ballet her elegance is simply mesmerising. Shekiralea is a dance instructor at the Bom Funk Dance Studio in Queanbeayan NSW.  Kym Degenhart, the director of the studio, collaborated with Monkeybrush Films,  Lucy Laurita -  fashion designer and Danielle Cleary Events to produce the above [...]

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Victoria and Thomas

Victoria and Thomas had a beautiful wedding ceremony in May on the perfect lawns of the Bawley Vale Estate, South Coast NSW. For their wedding they chose Monkeybrush Films to produce their wedding ceremony film and a documentary wedding video of their ceremony vows.  We took cinematic shots of the bride and groom's [...]

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Luke and Ashley

The Wedding Story Film of  Luke and Ashley Luke and Ashley's wedding ceremony was set in the beautiful Kosciuszko National Park on the banks of the Threadbo River at Thredbo Diggings campground Kosciuszko National Park includes some of the best scenary avaialble in New South Wales and Threadbo River is no exception. Thank you [...]

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Wedding Fashion Runway

Canberra Fair holds wedding fashion events twice a year usually in winter and summer months. Monkeybrush Films covered the Canberra wedding fashion runway and got some marvellous shots with the help of all concerned. The event is open to all wedding industry ventors from Australia and beyond. Wedding venues, dresses , suits, wedding [...]

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Vison For A Lifetime

Wedding emotions are such an important part of documenting weddings that it is only through videography that one can be certain to capture the nuances of emotion that can change rapidly during a single. Photography can miss these changes; perhaps just freezing in picture form a part of that story. Whether capturing the [...]

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