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Monkeybrush Films Logo

Welcome to Monkeybrush Films.

We are a Canberra, Australia based studio specializing in cinematic wedding video production. Wedding videographers and videography have advanced considerably over the past decade and continues to advance often blurring the lines between filmmaking and videography. So our style tends towards short film story telling using the unique dialogue from your wedding day. We also have package options for documentary wedding videography. Our videographers are trained in multiple styles. Cinematic wedding videos and wedding films are shot and edited similar to the production of short films or movies using techniques, cameras, audio recorders and editing software that give a film quality video and editing techniques a beautiful wedding film is crafted to preserve the events of your wedding day. We use state of the art cameras to capture footage of your preparations, ceremony, family and guests, the bride and groom exchanging vows, the reception and much more that can then be crafted into a feature wedding video of your wedding day of varying lengths. A cinematic wedding video production has the advantage of capturing all events of your wedding day. Many events during the day may escape your notice but you will be delighted to be able to review many of these things in your cinematic wedding video. In all our productions we give you full vows and full speeches shot and edited in multi-camera documentary style on USB stick.

We provide your wedding videos in  Full High Defintion  on USB media for your Smart TV or computer of the wedding video production and the additional option of a private video channel depending on your needs.

We service Canberra, Yass, Goulburn, Southern Highlands, and South East Coast to Thredbo NSW.

We also do pre wedding dinners, rehearsal dinners, engagement parties, birthday parties, christenings, class reunions, anniversaries, and graduations for the Canberra and NSW region.

Wedding videography has rapidly evolved over the past decade with the introduction of cameras with much larger sensors for capturing higher quality video frames. The quality increased that dramatically that these new large sensor cameras began to be used not just for wedding videos but for film making in general as the digital picture quality was remarkably similar to very expensive cinema cameras used in high budget film making.  At Monkeybrush Films our wedding videographers have been trained in the use of these new large sensor cameras  and we use them to produce outstanding film quality wedding videos for our clients.

Please view our wedding video portfolio and see if our style is what you are looking for.