“White Tara” Unveiled – A Captivating Short Fashion Film  by Monkeybrush Films  now in production

Monkeybrush Films has reached the realm of cinematic elegance with the enchanting short fashion film, “White Tara,” a visual symphony being created our talented team. This production will not only celebrates the art of storytelling through fashion but also brings together a talented cast and crew to weave magic on screen.

Meet the Stars

Actress/Model Extraordinaire: Sadia Nabila graces the screen, bringing life and charisma to the captivating character of White Tara. Her presence is a testament to the film’s allure and grace.
Wardrobe Whisperer: Honeysuckle and Lace works magic with fabrics, curating a wardrobe that speaks volumes and adds an extra layer of storytelling to the film’s narrative.
MUA and Style Artistry:   Megan Matijasevic is the mastermind behind the enchanting looks that elevate the characters, blending seamlessly with the film’s visual poetry.

The Visionaries

The talented film crew at Monkeybrush Films, the creative minds behind the lens, bring their expertise to every frame, crafting a visual masterpiece that transcends the ordinary.

A Glimpse into “White Tara”

This short fashion film project goes beyond the surface, delving into a realm where style, storytelling, and cinematography converge. Each frame is a brushstroke on the canvas of creativity, painting a vivid picture of elegance and narrative depth.

Fashion in Focus

“White Tara” not only showcases the latest trends but also emphasizes the transformative power of fashion. The collaboration between Sadia Nabila, Honeysuckle and LaceMegan Matijasevic, and Monkeybrush Films results in a visual feast for fashion enthusiasts.

Credits Roll

Actress/Model: @sadia.nabila
Wardrobe: @honeysuckle_and_lace
MUA and Style: @meganmatijasevichair
Film Crew: @monkeybrushfilms

A Fusion of Art and Fashion

“White Tara” is more than a film; it’s an artistic expression, where fashion becomes a character in itself, influencing the narrative and leaving a lasting imprint on the audience.

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Experience the magic of “White Tara” with #MonkeyBrushFilms, where every detail, from the costumes to the cinematography, tells a story of style, beauty, and creative collaboration.

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Stage One: Compiling a library of compositing shots with some samples in video below.